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Event Request Information

Thank you for your interest in booking your event with the AMEDD Museum.

The Museum has become a popular site for events, programs, meetings and training. In order to properly support our guests and their needs, we have devised a new reservation system. Once we receive your request, we will contact you within one business-day to finalize and confirm your reservation. We look forward to serving you!

*The following information needs to be read before continuing to the form.

  1. We have several indoor and outdoor spaces for your use. Please note that we often have several events going on at the same time so changing locations the day of the event may not be possible. Our areas include:

    • Outdoor Aircraft Pergola: Capacity 50 - This is a covered area with good lighting and electricity for sound systems.

    • Outdoor Vehicle Pergola: Capacity 75 - Same as Aircraft Pergola above.

    • Outdoor Brick Courtyard: Capacity 300+ - This area is surrounded by trees and is adjacent to our 1950s Ambulance Rail Car. It is lit and has electrical outlets.

    • Outdoor Fountain Courtyard: Capacity 50 - This is an outdoor area centered within the museum. There are four benches and a fountain within the courtyard.

    • Outdoor Amphitheater: Capacity 300 - The seating area is covered and there is a large uncovered stage area for ceremonies and speakers. It is lit and has electricity and bathrooms.

    • Museum Main Hallway: Capacity 200 - This is our main hall and it usually used for mingling, overflow, or serving light faire in conjunction with our other rooms.

    • Museum Auditorium: Capacity 50 - Equipped with padded chairs, podium, sound and a 70" monitor.

    • Museum Activities Room: Capacity 75 - This room has a LCD Projector and screen that can be utilized for ceremonies, meetings, or classes. The room also has a small kitchenette which can be set up for meals.

    • Museum Galleries: Capacity 150 - The museum contains two galleries that can viewed via self-guided or guided tours. Guided tours must be scheduled in advance, with a minimum 14 day notice. No food or drinks are allowed in Gallery areas.

    • Museum Reading Room: Capacity 20 - Boardroom style room with a large table. Equipped with a 70 monitor and sound system that may be connected to a laptop.

  2. We can support multiple events in a single day. In order to do this, we require that all event holders give us the full time that they need the space, from set up to final clean up.

  3. We do ask that all groups provide their own manpower for set up and clean up.

  4. We can also support multiple events simultaneously. However, we must abide by officially-mandated building capacity limits. We therefore require all event holders provide us an expected number of guests attending the event.

  5. Our hours of operation are from 1000 to 1600 daily Monday-Saturday. We can arrange for events outside of those hours and allow for early set-up and break down. Events scheduled outside of normal business hours must be approved by the Chain of Command, so we request a minimum 14 day notice, though 30 day notice is preferable.

  6. Guided tours should allow for a minimum of 1-hour for tours. Our recommended group size is approximately 15-20 people per guide, although larger groups may be accommodated upon request. As previously stated, a minimum 14 day notice is required for guided tours.

  7. All reservations of spaces and assets are first come-first served. The more notice we have, the better we can serve you.

  8. Our assets are limited and are on a first-come basis. We have 12 folding tables, approximately 50 folding chairs, an outdoor lectern system, ceremonial flags, and limited audio-visual (AV) systems. We also have several 40-gallon trashcans that can be utilized, but we request that you bring additional trash bags. All assets are subject to approval. If you require additional resources, we suggest contacting the Fort Sam Houston Public Affairs Office.

  9. The museum does not currently supply assets such as tablecloths, serving utensils, paper plates and cups, dishwashing detergent, etc. It is therefore advised that you arrange for these types of resources to be brought with you the day of your event.

  10. When catering events, we ask that you only utilize UL approved electrical heating elements. For safety reasons, we cannot allow the use of sterno containers and other non-fire department approved heat sources.

  11. Please note that alcohol is prohibited inside federal buildings unless prior approval is requested from CG, AMEDD C&S HRCoE, and FSH. We can submit requests on your behalf, but approval typically takes two weeks or more. We therefore request a minimum 3 week notice if you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at your event.

  12. Use of the circular turn-around in front of the building is permitted for loading and unloading. We do, however, request that vehicles be moved to the parking lot across the street upon completion of loading or unloading so that the turn-around can remain clear in case of emergency.

  13. If your event includes catering, we can make arrangements for use of a rear gate entrance that allows for easier loading and unloading of larger objects into the museum. If this is required, please specify in the Additional Notes section of the Event Request Form. We ask that you allow us a minimum 2 week notice to make special arrangements with the Ft. Sam Houston Visitor Control Center. You may also wish to contact the Visitor Control Center directly at (210) 221-9205, to ensure limited delays the day of your event.

  14. We request that all groups, upon completion of an event, ensure that the spaces utilized are cleaned and restored to their original state. Clean up includes, but is not limited to: wiping down tables, cleaning spills, returning utilized assets to their original location, and hauling event trash to the dumpster located in the parking lot across the street. After you have completed clean up, please notify a museum staff member so that a Building Use Regulations, Cleaning Checklist can be completed.

  15. Finally, we ask that all groups sign our Building Use Regulations prior to the start of their event.

I have read the above instructions and completely understand them.